Marine Insurance

Owners P&I

We offer comprehensive P&I packages that can be tailor made to suit the needs of every ship-owner, no matter how small. Fixed Facilities such as Carina, QBE, Eagle Ocean Marine, RaetsMarine and so on, provide P&I coverage for smaller Tonnages (GT) and does not cater to Trans-Atlantic, Trans-Pacific voyages, as well as trading to and from US; while Mutual Clubs from the International Group of P&I Associations, such as Britannia, UK Club, Skuld, Gard, etc, will accept bigger tonnages but avoid singletons or small fleets.

Charterers P&I

We welcome any type of charterers business, no matter how big or small. We can assist charterers to insure a chartered vessel of any type, cargo carrying or non-cargo carrying any type of commodity, any trading area worldwide at fixed premiums. The majority of charterers concerns tramp-chartering, both voyage and time charters, conducted by operators or by commodity traders who take to chartering vessels to carry their own cargoes. For those who ship their own cargoes, we can extend the cover to include Cargo Owners Legal Liability.

Port Liability

Any company active in a marine related business is welcome. We will assist in designing a comprehensive and tailor-made liability cover for port authorities, terminal operators, cargo handling facilities, freight forwarders, etc. Of which the core is a comprehensive protection against third party liabilities, both contractual and non-contractual including an "Errors and Omissions" cover. In addition we can offer 'one-stop' insurance programs to include coverage for any property or the Assured. Although this type of product is relatively new, we believe that we can play a significant role in this segment of the market. Through our claims professionals and our risk management department we can provide our clients with a substantial service level, not only in handling claims, but also in rendering an intrinsic and pro-active service in loss prevention and legal advises about contracts and the client's activities.

Marine Cargo

Principally we can offer a solution to marine cargo insurance for any type of cargo. We understand the charterers' and ship-owners' business, which means we can give valuable advises about loss prevention and legal advises about charter parties and bills of lading. Also in the handling of claims we believe that and protect the client's position in claims which are recoverable from parties who have caused the damage, which will benefit the client's loss record and create a competitive edge on the pricing levels of the cargo insurance.

Marine Hull (M&H)

PT InterCoastal Indonesia can find you a solution for underwriting hull policies successfully. All knowledge on claims handling, condition surveys and loss prevention may contribute to creating a competitive edge to the benefit of both the ship-owner and the insurer. Only long term loyalty and commitment can create viable and sustainable solutions. We are aiming at the total relationship with the ship-owner and will therefore expect that the P&I policies to also be placed through us.

Ship repairer liability

PT InterCoastal Indonesia can assist you in finding the best cover for a ship repairer who needs to cover loss or damage to vessels at all times whilst in their care, custody and control; including whilst being worked upon, being shifted in tow, or otherwise, or even on trial runs. The coverage not only includes damage to third party property, but also loss of life or injury to persons resulting from negligence by workers, agents or sub-contractors.


PT InterCoastal Indonesia can help you design coverage that protects builders from risk exposures during process of construction, re-construction or modification of a vessel. In addition to providing cover for physical loss or damage to new vessels under construction, insurance cover will normally also include cover for third party liabilities, damage arising from faulty design, sea trials, war risks (whilst waterborne) and strikes coverage. Where appropriate, cover can be extended to include cargo risks for parts and machinery during storage and transportation to to the yard, towage of a hull from a sub-contractors yard and expenses incurred by the yard following postponement of a launch.

Legal and defense

PT InterCoastal Indonesia can extend the P&I cover to include legal assistance & defense which covers the legal costs, which must reasonable be made to protect the client in respect of claims or disputes, which are arising from contracts made to perform the marine adventure. Clients will be covered for the costs of external lawyers or other service providers. This coverage will not be underwritten on a 'stand alone' basis, but only in combination with Protection & Indemnity (P&I)

Additional RIsk Coverage

We can provide cover for any additional marine insurance required, such as: war risks, bunker, freight, detention, SOL, etc. PT InterCoastal Indonesia delivers better service, better knowledge of the client business and comprehensive solutions; most importantly, though, we are fully committed to our clients and partners. The one with the lowest, or even highest, price may not always be the best; but one thing for sure, we will not approach you with anything less than excellent quality.

Non-Marine Insurance


Hull & Liability Insurance

This policy is a comprehensive cover for an aircraft during it’s operation, to any loss or damage to the aircraft Hull & Machinery, Hull War and excess liabilities, deductible, loss of use, spares including transit, cargo passenger’s legal liability, Loss of License and Personal Accident to aircraft crew.

Airport & Civil Aviation Authorities

This policy cover the Airport, ATC, Ground/Ramp Handlers, Revelers, Liability, Spares including transit, industrial all risk including equipment.

Computer All Risk

This policy covers electronics or computers, against loss or damage from any unforeseen losses, for any kind equipments of low and medium voltage electronics equipment including computers and it’s peripherals.

Contractor All Risk

This policy offers comprehensive protection against loss and/or damage in respects of civil engineering construction works and mechanical electrical works

Erection All Risk

This policy covers erection of a Plant and/or Machinery, including Workmen Compensation and Third Party Liabilities

Energy, oil & GAS

This policy covers risks of the energy plant either during operation or silent risks; construction of drilling rigs, platform in operation, off-shore builder's risks, floating risks, control of well and other types related to oil & gas industry.

Personal Line

Motor Vehicle Insurance

This policy protects the MV owner, against loss or damage to the Vehicle being Insured, and this insurance is also cover Third Party Liability, Passengers Liability and Personal Accident for the Driver.

Personal Accident Insurance

Under this insurance policy, is provided to the Insured or the beneficiary in case of an accident, which may cause injury, hospitalized, death or permanent disablement and medical expenses.

Health Insurance or Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance

This policy covers hospital and surgical expenses of any person who buy this insurance. This policy mostly is taken by companies, which care and protect their executives and employee against the expensive hospital and surgical expenses.