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PT. InterCoastal Indonesia was established in February 2001 by deed of public notary Yonsah Minanda SH, MH under articles of corporation number 27 dated Ferbruary 07, 2001and licensed by Industrial and Trade Department of The Republic of Indonesia No. 294/09-04/PM/2001. PT. InterCoastal Indonesia was appointed exclusively as marketing by RaetsMarine Insurance B.V main office which located at Fascina Boulevard 622, 2909 VA Capelle a/d Ijssel, Netherlands. To provide fixed premium facility for vessels under 5000 GT with the limit of liabilities of USD 5,000,000.

Based on the deed of public notary Yonsah Minanda SH, MH articles number 10 dated 09 October 2003 and the Minister of Finance of the Republic Indonesia’s decree number kep 131/KM.5/2005 dated April 27, 2005 the status of PT. InterCoastal Indonesia changed to become an insurance brokers and risks consultant company. In compliance to regulations that require each insurance broker company to be registered to relevant official association, PT InterCoastal Indonesia has become a member of APPARINDO (Insurance and Reinsurance Broker Association of Indonesia) since August 5th 2005 under registry number 116-2005/APPARINDO/2013

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We provide services for marine and non-marine insurance

Owners P&I

We offer comprehensive P&I packages that can be tailor made to suit the needs of every ship-owner, no matter how small. Fixed Facilities such as Carina, QBE, Eagle Ocean Marine, RaetsMarine and so on, provide P&I coverage for smaller Tonnages (GT) and does not cater to Trans-Atlantic, Trans-Pacific voyages, as well as trading to and from US; while Mutual Clubs from the International Group of P&I Associations, such as Britannia, UK Club, Skuld, Gard, etc, will accept bigger tonnages but avoid singletons or small fleets.

Marine Hull (M&H)

PT InterCoastal Indonesia can find you a solution for underwriting hull policies successfully. All knowledge on claims handling, condition surveys and loss prevention may contribute to creating a competitive edge to the benefit of both the ship-owner and the insurer. Only long term loyalty and commitment can create viable and sustainable solutions. We are aiming at the total relationship with the ship-owner and will therefore expect that the P&I policies to also be placed through us.

Ship Builder Insurance

PT InterCoastal Indonesia can help you design coverage that protects builders from risk exposures during process of construction, re-construction or modification of a vessel. In addition to providing cover for physical loss or damage to new vessels under construction, insurance cover will normally also include cover for third party liabilities, damage arising from faulty design, sea trials, war risks (whilst waterborne) and strikes coverage. Where appropriate, cover can be extended to include cargo risks for parts and machinery during storage and transportation to to the yard, towage of a hull from a sub-contractors yard and expenses incurred by the yard following postponement of a launch.

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Mahdenny Zulkarnaen

President Director

Perkasa Farichin Maulana



marketing manager

dian yuniati

finance manager

Neyla Aldrina

Underwriting & Claims

Laela Eka

Finance Officer

Victoria Desica

Accounting Officer


Administration Officer


General Affair


To become on of the leading insurance brokers especially in P&I and marine insurance in Indonesia by the year 2020.


  • Our Mission To help the growth of the insurance industry in general.
  • To provide service for Indonesian companies in facing the era of free trade and rise of the global market in the third millennium, especially in matters of insurance.
  • To provide the best possible service in marine insurance and risk Management above and beyond international standard.
  • To provide solutions in P&I and marine insurance needs of clients, with consideration to budgets and requirements.
  • To provide continuity service and defend the interest of clients through professional management and staff.
insurance brokers & risk consultants

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